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Rooms and Suites At Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
  • Sep 03 2020
  • Sep 30 2020
Reservations: 833-895-1918
Best Rate Guarantee

All You Need To Know:

Rest assured, answers to the most popular questions for planning your trip to the Greystone can be found below. Extra inquisitive minds, please don't hesitate to contact our guest services team at 305-847-4000 for additional information. Please find below some useful information about our hotel.
A: First (5) packages received are complimentary if under 50 lbs. All additional package which weigh between 1 lb-49 lbs. will be charged at $10 each. All additional packages weighing between 50 lbs. - 99 lbs. will be charged at $25.00 each. Please contact the front desk to arrange for package delivery. Packages are only accepted for registered hotel guests.
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