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Rooms and Suites At Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
  • Sep 03 2020
  • Sep 30 2020
Reservations: 833-895-1918
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All You Need To Know:

Rest assured, answers to the most popular questions for planning your trip to the Greystone can be found below. Extra inquisitive minds, please don't hesitate to contact our guest services team at 305-847-4000 for additional information. Please find below some useful information about our hotel.
Yes, visitors can roam independently or sign up for a guided tour of the impressive outdoor street art museum. Experience Tony Goldman's vision of the great Wynwood Walls with a daily tour led by "Miami's Best Graffiti Guide" and local artists, Ryan the Wheelbarrow & Pedro AMOS. Learn all about the rotating murals and art installations that fill the walls and meet and greet some emerging artists that come to showcase their work. 
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