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Rooms and Suites At Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
  • Sep 03 2020
  • Sep 30 2020
Reservations: 833-895-1918
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  • Dine & Drink Facilities at Greystone Miami Beach, Florida

Taste how much we care

The Greystone Miami Beach offers five innovative culinary and mixology driven venues within the full-service hotel, allowing guests to step away from their professional realities as they reach a destination which satisfies all visceral needs.
An undisclosed, underground lounge imparts a true escape from the demands of everyday life while the views from the rooftop pool's bar set new heights for chilly cocktails by the water. Wake up to brunch 7-days a week, a boozy high tea after a dip in the ocean followed by a whisky cocktail in Greystone's main floor lounge. Then start your evening with a gastronomic experience as Japanese Izakaya meets French Rotisserie at Sérêvène.
Greystone Miami Beach, Florida Dine & Drink Facilities
Sérêvène Miami Restaurant Florida
Go Beyond the Ordinary Into Something Wild
In a ever-expanding gastronomic Miami, Sérêvène offers fresh interpretations of Japanese and French influences, presented to thrill and share with friends: memorable dishes within which to lose yourself to a gluttony fueled by the freshest, locally-sourced and organic ingredients.
UISCE Bar at Miami Hotel
High-Quality Whisky & Handcrafted Cocktails
UISCE varying selection of handcrafted cocktails specialize in dark spirits and a spirit-forward mixology program which welcomes guests daily.
Kobo in Miami Hotel

Fast-Casual Gourmet Bites


Kobo will serve high quality, visually appealing, reasonably priced food on the go. Offering quality and easy to eat items for the on-the-move individual, whether it be someone looking to enjoy a bite after leaving a nightclub or headed to the beach; wanting a Japanese-inspired "sando" complemented by a fresh juice or nitro brew coffee. A blend of service styles, Kobo will serve as a "fast casual" venue during the day and evening hours. Upon the closure of the courtyard to nonhotel guests, the venue will become "fast food" in it's service approach, whereby patrons can order and pick up at the street-facing window.
Poolside Rooftop Dining at Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
Greystone Rooftop
Outdoor Dining Overlooking Collins Avenue
Beautification underway! Please pardon our appearance. Located 4 floors above the famed Collins Avenue in South Beach, the Greystone Miami Beach's Rooftop Pool and Lounge brings comfort and style with views of the historic district of Miami Beach. Enjoy a refreshing mimosa or a froze poolside, bring your best friends to celebrate a bachelorette party, or come enjoy a relaxing day under the sun with our attentive service. 
Traveler's Tips
  1. Does the hotel offer vegan or vegetarian food?

    Does the hotel offer vegan or vegetarian food?

    Yes, each of our five dining outlets features vegan or vegetarian food options. From salads and smoothies at Kobo to hot veggie dishes such as our Miso Glazed Eggplant at Serevene, we offer innovative dishes for everyone.
  2. Can I drink and eat by the pool?

    Can I drink and eat by the pool?

    Yes, in fact, it is encouraged. Enjoying froze’s, mimosas, and beetroot and Asian pear tartare while lounging poolside at the Greystone Rooftop. Enjoy the coolest drinks and flavorful bites from the bar and restaurant and join us on the weekends for the hottest pool party in South Beach. 
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