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Rooms and Suites At Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
  • October 10 2019
  • October 10 2019
Reservations: 561-287-5400
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  • Speakeasy Lounge at Miami Hotel
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A Modern Speakeasy and social club in Miami Beach

Transport to a time when drinking was for the elite, where music was always swinging, where people were energetically dancing, and the mood was just right. Tucked away in the basement of the Greystone Miami Beach is all-night revelry where cocktails, whisky, cordials, and absinthe are the main attraction. Take your pick of cocktails from the prohibition era to the modern era and forget about the world upstairs. Pop in anytime between sunset and sunrise to experience the transcendental nod to days gone by.
Hours:9 pm to 4 am
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Speakeasy Lounge at Greystone Miami Beach, Florida
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